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Instagram stories for your Brand or Business – We Are Batch
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Instagram stories for your Brand or Business

Nowadays, whether you have a small business, brand or whether you’re using Instagram to create awareness around the work that you do, it has become common knowledge to have at least some semblance of a brand identity. Carrying the brand identity through to all aspects of ones online presence is key to a reputable, cohesive, and established brand or person.

Allow your brand identity to inform the decisions you make when it comes to your styling online marketing. Instagram stories are no exception here.

Instagram Story is a tool that can be hugely impactful on your followers but you need to be able to convey the personality of your brand or work and add interactive, fun and on-trend elements. If used correctly, your Instagram Stories have the potential to widen your reach, drive more traffic, and gain more followers.

Once you start consistently sharing your content, using your brand’s colours and branded bits, your Instagram Stories will contribute to making your brand look and feel more professional, trustworthy, well-considered and contemporary.

“Instagram Stories have the potential to widen your reach, drive more traffic, and gain more followers.”

How to Create a Branded IG Story On Your Phone: A Step-by-Step Guide
Branded bits for your IG Story

Create a folder in your albums on your phone – save your brand images in there via Airdrop, the Google Drive app or you can even attach these files to an email then mail them to yourself to save them on your phone.

Suggestions on useful branded Instagram Story items:

– Backgrounds
– Visual bits with transparent backgrounds (png format) such as your brand’s tag lines and other words, badges, illustrations and shapes that suit your brand

IG Story Backgrounds

Go to your IG story section in Instagram. Open up to the folder you saved your branded bits in and select the background you want to add to your story.

Alternatively, if you don’t have a background image you can create a solid colour background by adding any random photo from your camera roll to your story then select the pen option, pick a colour in the colour wheel and press down on the photo. That should cause the colour of your choice to cover the photo. Now you have a beautiful clean background to slap your content onto!

Adding your Content

Minimise your Instagram then go to your camera roll in the photos section of your phone and select the share option of the image you’d like to add to your story. In the share details there will be a “copy image” option, select that and head back to Instagram. In the create story section of instagram the copied photo will automatically pop up as a sticker that you can paste on the background you’ve created. If it does not automatically pop up as a sticker just go to the “Aa” (the option for typing words on your story) press down where you see the cursor and select the paste option. You should now have your chosen image on top of your chosen story background. You can resize and move this photo on your background in any way you like. Repeat this step to add your tag lines, illustrations, badges and other branded bits.

Want to play around with our newly created branded bits in your Instagram story? Head on over to the We Are Batch social media assets in the Google Drive folder here to download some on your phone!

In-app Instagram Story Features
Gif Stickers

Don’t have very many branded elements you can add to your stories or are your stories starting to feel a bit static? Gif stickers are a great way to add a bit of movement and fun to your story. If you have the budget available get an Illustrator or Graphic Designer and Animator to create some for your brand to add directly to If you’re not there with that just yet – Giphy is filled with stunning ones you can use freely. Just be sure to add ones that suit the look and feel of your brand. Finding the perfect gif for your story depends solely on your search words. We Are Batch have taken this opportunity to add a few of our very own.

Find them by using the search word “WAB” and don’t forget to tag us @wearebatch so we can see all the creative ways in which you use them!

The Colour Picker

Having a specific colour palette for your brand will take a lot of guesswork out of setting up a cohesive story reel. If you have an image that contains your colour palette, paste it in your story and use the colour picker to select colours from there to change the colours of your background, text and drawn-on shapes. Delete the colour palette image once you are done.

Alternatively, you can colour pick from the branded content you are sharing.

Video Filters

If you’d like to share videos of work in progress or a snippet from your life to your instagram story, shoot the video directly from the camera in your Instagram Story. Apply a beautiful filter before you start shooting. Note that you can just save this video to your phone instead of sharing it right away If you want to shoot a few more videos. Once you are ready to create your cohesive story, re-upload your video saved in your camera roll.

Here are some of our favourite filters at the moment:

– 4shine by 4hair for glitter sparkles
– Bleak afternoon by Vitulox
– RETRO STARS by marielabagnato
– BAHAMAS by Bryant
– Ciao Bella by katrinascott
– Brands by luca_chk
– Prism effect by corinthsuarez

How to Save Filters

Scroll all the way to the right of your filters to get to the browse option.

Search for your desired filter, select it. At the bottom left you’ll be given the “Try it” option. Once you’ve selected the “Try it” option, a pop up will appear with a save option. When you save, the filter preset will be available to use in your IG stories whenever you need it.

“In the age of conscious consumerism, people want to see the people behind the brand.”

What Content to Share

There are so many things you could share on your IG stories. The possibilities are endless. Here are just a few:

Updates and New Launches

Small businesses and brands can use IG stories to share updates and new launches. It helps to share these not only on your instagram feed but in your Instagram Story as well because you are able to add updates and count downs in real time. This has the potential to notify your following base much more effectively than an IG feed post. IG Feed posts can get lost on users home feeds. Sharing updates and new launches also helps to build hype around your products and/or the work you do.

Reviews and Testimonials

Sharing screenshots of reviews and testimonials builds rapport with your followers and behind the scenes videos and photos give people a better idea of what goes into the work that you do.

Polls and Questions

Try using engaging features such as polls and questions to interact with your community and be available to chat for a while after posting your story as your followers might have some questions regarding your products and/or services.

The Human Touch

In the age of conscious consumerism, people want to see the people behind the brand. They want to see the process, what you, your business or brand is all about. Share your passions, connect with like minded folks and try to be as transparent and honest as possible.

Whatever you decide to share in you IG stories remember that a bit of personality and humour can add that human touch that’ll make followers come back to your account again and again.  

For more ideas on creating killer Instagram Stories, go check out my Pinterest Board over here!

Written & Illustrated by Marcelle Versteeg (@cella_marcy)
Instagram Gifs animated by Catherine Theodosopolous (@cuz_im_cath)

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